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ACW & Companies

ACW provides professional business and branding services/advice to companies or individuals keen to set up business in Singapore or require research information of any trade.


Asia Creative Works also acts as a bridge between Singapore and the rest of the world to promote different languages and cultures through tourism, education, retail and F&B projects.  We also organize themed seminars & speeches for business groups, delegates, companies and schools.

ACW & Education

We work closely with IT developers and educators to create and customize English language classes that incorporate latest technologies, e-learning portals, apps and interactive games. Classes for kids, students and working adults are available. For some of the existing courses under our belt, visit  www.wakuwakukids.org


We also conduct customized one-to-one Japanese languages lessons for individuals.

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ACW & Investors

We provide support and relevant advice to interested companies/individuals that are keen to setup retail/F&B etc. business in Singapore:


• Research Information on market conditions (e.g. market rental, space availability etc.)

• Manpower (acting director, staffing needs)

• Contracts negotiation (with landlords, agents, lawyers etc.)

ACW & the Region

ACW's multi-cultural team helps clients exploit strategy, creativity and knowledge in order to gain business advantage throughout Asia.


• Branding Strategy & Design services for companies, products and services

• Regional Research for companies

• Organise themed seminars/speeches for varsities, business groups, delegates & companies